Code of Conduct

Members of the 54th are expected to demonstrate an unparalleled level of honor, respect, and loyalty to their squadron in all online venues.

Respect is of the utmost importance. Greet other pilots with a salute (S!) as you enter or leave a room or in any other situation where you initiate interaction with others.

Griping about the choice of formats in a room is unacceptable. If you donít like certain settings, leave and find a room more to your taste.

When acting as a server admin, do not boot anyone without first warning them at least once.

Cheating of any nature or use of Mods will not be tolerated. If you suspect someone of cheating inform the MAA or any available member of the command staff immediately.

Arguing in public venues is strictly prohibited. Never use foul language in public channels, in game or otherwise. Bear in mind that you are representing the 54th at all times.

Your 54th tags are a privilege. You MUST use them whenever you fly. However, you may not allow anyone else to fly under your tags, regardless of circumstance.

Disagreements between members happen. Any issue you feel you have with another member should be brought to bear in private between the two of you. Should you be unable to resolve the issue, amicably or otherwise, bring it to the attention of the MAA or an available member of the command staff.

Support your fellow squadron members to the best of your capability. Flying as a team is what we are all about. Use wingman tactics whenever possible, and always try to share your knowledge of the game with other members of the squad when the situation calls for it.

Support for our squadron involves being active! Please post in our forums at minimum twice per month and fly as a team with the 54th at least once per month!

Rules of Engagement

Read all briefings before joining the battle! Respect game settings first and foremost!

Vulching is not fun for the vulched.Avoid ground gun vulching, unless the hostís or match format supports it. Make sure you understand the hostís requirements with regard to vulching. Bomb or rocket vulching only when stated it is okay in briefing. Never retaliate when vulched unduly!

No foul language or denigrating remarks.

Team killing is an obvious malign against yourself, your team, and this squad. It is expressly forbidden.

Donít steal kills from your teammates.

If for any reason you are intentionally kicked from a server, notify the XO or CO ASAP.

Always fly in support of the 54th and of your team. Avoid lone wolfing it.

Use comms when possible.

Remember, our goal when we fly is to have fun and enjoy ourselves. Those we fly with and against share the same goal. Donít go out of your way to malign someone elseís experience.

Stay out of the trees! Fly Hard and have fun!