Last Team Standing

What is the Last Team Standing Competition?

The last team standing competition consists of 4-10 pilots from your squadron battling against 4-10 pilots from a rival squadron. Two squads will battle through 3 plane set years of 1938-1940 1941-1942 and two matches in the 1943-1944 years. The match map will be pre-configured with the appropriate plane sets and available for download. Number of pilots must be even with the amount of pilots agreed upon by the squadron liaisons. Please have you squadron liaison fill out the registration form to join the LTS fun!    LTS Registration Form    Once registered your squadron will be given a spot on the LTS ladder map, when at least 8 spots (hopefully more) are filled the squadron liaisons can start to schedule the matches.

Last Team Standing Rules

The rules are simple… kill or be killed! Each team starts with agreed upon number of pilots, the map will end once your team or your rivals team loses there last plane. You will take a screen shot of the final screen and submit it to our W/O _54th_Dutch.You will fly the best of 3 for each plane year set. The winning squadron will move up the ladder. The last match will consist of the Eastern and Western winners in head to head match to determine the winner of the over all competition.

Last Team Standing Ladder

Ladder Map