To receive any of the following awards, a pilot must meet the requirements listed, and/or be nominated for the award by a fellow officer.

All nominations will be considered by a review panel of at least three senior staff officers, who will make the final decision. However, the C/O of the squad can, at his discretion, award a pilot without first going through this process, and has final authority on all award recommendations. Awards will be presented during the first week of each month.

Several of these awards may be presented more than once. Subsequent awards will be denoted by an attached device as listed below.

Bronze Star
(Represents additional award)

Silver Star
(Represents 5 Bronze Stars)

Numeral Device
(Represents years of service)

Outstanding Service Award

Outstanding Service

Outstanding Service to the Squadron in combat or non-combat roles.

Longevity Service Award

Long Term Service to the Squadron in yearly blocks.

Wingman Award

Outstanding Teamwork Under Fire.
As Nominated By Fellow Pilots

Air Medal

Participation in 10 Official Squad Matches

Airman of the Month

Awarded to the Airman of the Month
As Nominated by Fellow Pilots.

Joint Service Medal

Outstanding Service to the squadron during a joint operation.

Air Combat Medal

Outstanding Display of Combat Ability in single or group flight.

Combat Readiness Medal

Sustained Combat Readiness in 2 month blocks.

Aerial Achievment Award

Outstanding Display of Aerial Ability in combat or non-combat situations.