The 54th Screamin Devils would like to welcome you to our home!

As a team, the 54th share a common interest in online gaming and the camaraderie of playing as a group.

Flying the warbirds of WWII has been the backbone of the 54th since the days of the original Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator.We now fly Il-2 Forgotten Battles as our mainstay.

We invite you to check out our website, visit our forums, and join us in our dedicated server for some online fun!

The 54th's Creed

The 54th has endured as a squadron to date through the dedication and loyalty of our members, on and off the flight line, as well as our ceaseless respect for those who join us in the skies.

The most highly regarded aspect of being a 54th member is to have fun in both victory and defeat.

As 54th members, we believe in fair play and strive to maintain an honest game in whatever theater we are in. When a member looses sight of this he no longer holds true to the 54th's way.